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Actionable steps with SEO Audit services to increase your Website’s Search Engine Visibility

Professional Website SEO Audit Services

Let iMarketing Junkies show you how to maximize the value of the traffic you get from search engines. Our SEO audit services are more than just a cookie-cutter report based largely on automated software, and they’re more than just a check-list of your problems. We provide a highly-individualized SEO strategy based on detailed analysis of your website’s strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to search engine optimization.

In addition to using powerful tools and comprehensive data analysis, a seasoned SEO project manager – with help from a team of specialists – performs dozens of hours of manual analysis. The result of our research is a prioritized outline of action steps that you can take to increase your website’s search engine visibility. The SEO Roadmap, our standard SEO Audit deliverable, is an extensive yet accessible multi-page report diagnosing your site’s potential issues with step-by-step instructions to remedy any problems.

SEO Audit Details

  • SEO Technical Audit – We crawl and collect data on every URL in your site and perform a complete examination of all technical limitations impacting SEO. This includes areas such as:
  • Crawl Optimization – XML Sitemaps, robots.txt, crawl errors such as 404s, and more.
    Accessibility – Can the search engines understand everything?
  • Duplicate Content – Copied content, URL canonicalization issues, indexation and more.
  • Semantic Markup – Learn how you could be winning rich snippets or better harnessing structured markup like
  • Analytics – Good SEO requires good decisions which requires good data. We’ll review your Google Analytics implementation for any glaring problems.
  • Keyword Research – We’ll examine your strategy for targeting the right keywords to maximize conversions and qualified visits.
  • Content Strategy – We’ll craft a content strategy that focuses on search engine-friendly content, optimizing landing pages for conversions, and effective link bait.
  • Architecture – Utilizing our expertise in conversion rate optimization, keyword targeting, analytics, and UX, we’ll review your internal link structure, navigation, and information architecture. We’ll show you how to better nurture high-priority SEO pages by improving flow of link juice and eyeballs.
  • Link Profile Analysis – An analysis of your website’s current link profile and recommendations on how to win more links.
  • Social Media Audit – We’ll overview how your company is utilizing social media and how these practices can be improved upon.
  • Competitive Analysis – Imagine having a copy of your competitors marketing strategy, with all the weaknesses highlighted in yellow; that is the value that the competitive analysis of our audit can deliver.


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